Life changes. New connections, loving farewells, joys and sorrows.

Celebrate significant turning points with bespoke ceremony.

The bright threads of your own life story...

and Life Threads Ceremonies

...a natural fit.


Life Threads Ceremonies

The Art of Possibility ~ Vancouver Celebrant

Picture a day when everything changes for you. Now imagine a ceremony on that day, with the perfect words to express your love, and a ritual that reflects your deepest longing. You are moved and amazed.

How can language be so memorable? Why is ritual so relevant to the changes in our individual lives?

Ceremony is as old as the hills, as fresh as the rain. Each and every time, it can take our breath away. Time stands still and we are transformed.

Vancouver CelebrantIf this is what you’re looking for, you’re curious about creating the best possible ceremony for you, your family and your guests. You’re questioning the relevance of traditional ways of marking life events. You’re seeking innovative and creative ways to celebrate weddings, memorials and the many important occasions of family life.

So am I. As a Celebrant, I am deeply curious about the power of the word and the alchemy of ritual. I strive to find the language and elements to shape a ceremony so transformative and so individual that it is truly yours, and yours alone.

As a Celebrant, it is my privilege to create unique ceremonies to celebrate the significant changing moments in your life, your family, your community, or your organization.

Together, we can shape a new form of ceremony.

This is the art of possibility  which is woven so deeply into my commitment to you.

Welcome to Life Threads Ceremonies