How I Work

Thank you for calling to enquire about your ceremony. In our first short conversation – in person, by phone or on Skype – we chat about your ceremony, the date and location, and your plans so far.

We choose a follow-up date for an hour-long consultation. Of course this is a free, no-obligation session for you. We learn a little more about each other, discuss the inner shape of your ceremony, and share thoughts and possibilities. I take a lot of notes.

At the end of that consultation, we will know if we are a good fit to work together on your ceremony. I will apprise you of my fee, and what it would cover:

unlimited consultations until the day of the ceremony,
writing and rewriting the ceremonial script until it suits you,
advising on all elements of language, ritual, symbols,
creating and preparing the ceremonial space,
meeting with all participants of the ceremony and supporting their preparations,
arranging a rehearsal if necessary,
arriving up to one hour early on the day of the ceremony to fully support you,
providing a professional portable microphone and sound system,
prepared with a ceremony emergency kit (pins to pills to protein bars!),
coordinating with your professionals: photographer, caterer, planner, musicians,
presiding at the ceremony,
completing all legal paperwork, and providing a certificate, and
creating a beautiful keepsake copy of the ceremony.

Within the next few days, you are prepared to pay the deposit (50% of the fee) and we meet to sign the contract. I send a file of reflective, inspiring questions to support you in considering and choosing the details of your ceremony.

I begin to write your ceremony, in a shared Googledoc, and forward it for your approval.
It may travel between us many times as we work together to shape your ceremony.

Whether the preparation time requires a few weeks, six months or a year, I am completely available to you to answer questions, advise, reflect, troubleshoot, and share the joys and struggles of creating your ceremony until it is complete.
We’re on our way!