What is a Celebrant?

These days, fewer people attend a local parish where the priest performs all sacraments of daily life.
Today, more of us are seeking spiritual insight over religious tradition.

A renaissance in humanity is arising, and celebrants are prepared to shape the most meaningful ceremonies for modern creative thinkers.

Celebrants are well trained, certified professionals able to create and perform high quality personal ceremonies for individuals, families and organizations.

As a profession, celebrancy is still in its infancy. It all began down under, in Australia, 40 years ago, when a progressive government created a legal category for non-denominational officiants to perform weddings and funerals for a highly individualistic population, scattered far and wide in a largely rural continent. Today there are 10,000 celebrants in Australia and New Zealand, and together they have performed over a million ceremonies since 1974.

The gold standard in celebrancy training in North America has been set by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in Montclair, New Jersey. Training takes the better part of a year, with an emphasis on cultural traditions, ceremony design and ritual development.

With both an educational and experiential framework, training covers traditional life events, such as baby blessings, weddings and funerals; as well as non-traditional rituals, such as divorce, retirement, adoptions, houseleavings and even business wakes.

Celebrants certified through the prestigious Celebrant Institute officiate at 4,000 weddings, 3,000 memorials and 1,000 family ceremonies each year throughout North America.

Today there are about 450 celebrants in the USA, 40 celebrants in Canada, and 18 in BC.

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