The Really REAL Question

As homo sapiens, the thinking two-legged ones, we are wired for questions. I think that’s true … you?

Each day we are immersed in self-generated questions, often along the lines of… what to eat, when will I finish my taxes, what […]

Red Love Knot: Handfasting

There’s a short pause in the ceremony.  The couple holds hands, and a wide, crimson, silk ribbon is tied securely, but loosely, around their wrists.  The shining red ribbon ends sweep down almost to the ground and dance a little […]

Death Cafe and Good Conversation

Curious about a good death?  What about accounts of near-death experiences? Green burials?

Imagine going to a meet-up to talk solely about death and end of life questions.

That’s the invitation put out by Death Café, a quiet movement focused on setting up […]