Life Threads Ceremonies

Each life story is filled with moments of great joy and unexpected sorrows. One day, we fully commit ourselves to our beloved partner, our work, a new home…. yet another day, may find ourselves leaving or being left.

Honouring and celebrating the big change events in our life can connect us more deeply with our joy and sorrow. A ceremony can illuminate, heal wounds, and bring people together in gratitude.

I can assist you in finding the right words, music and rituals to honour your life achievements, both the wondrous events and the difficult transitions.

We will work with the four steps to creating ritual: intention, planning, emotional process and preparation.

Together, we will create the perfect ceremony for your big life change.

“All Rites of Passage ceremonies are gestures swelling up out of a sea of relationships into a momentary performative event.”

R Grimes, Deeply into the Bone

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“The tender words we speak to one another
are stored in the secret heart of heaven.
And one day like rain they will fall,
And our Mystery will grow green
over all the Earth.”
~ […]

Funerals and Memorials

Every life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated, and celebrated well.

Whether your family is secular, religious, spiritual or interfaith, or if you simply wish to express the life of […]

Children and Family Ceremonies

“The more you praise and CELEBRATE your life, the more there is in life to CELEBRATE!”
Oprah Winfrey

Family life is abundant life; there’s rarely a dull moment with a houseful of […]

House Blessings

“Home is where your story begins.”
Annie Danielson

We can see our house as a structure, or recognize it as a place of heart and soul.
How many ways are our lives supported […]

Healing Ceremonies

Can a ceremony be healing? Yes, absolutely.

Often, a ceremony may be the only thing which can ease us from the grip of a painful and shocking soul experience, and help […]