Ceremony Description

Children and Family Ceremonies

“The more you praise and CELEBRATE your life, the more there is in life to CELEBRATE!”
Oprah Winfrey

Family life is abundant life; there’s rarely a dull moment with a houseful of children. And so much to celebrate!
Love for our families inspires an endless possibility for ceremony…

baby blessings, child naming, welcoming ceremonies for blending & extending families, entrustment ceremonies, coming of age celebrations for adolescents, ceremonies marking birthdays, graduations, family reunions and more.

Welcoming ceremonies for new family members, whether by birth, adoption or marriage, have existed in virtually every culture. Publicly marking the entry of new members into our families is a joyous celebration to create together, and speaking our commitment for guiding a child through life is powerful.

Families who include regular ceremony in their busy lives are the stronger for it, even simple blessings at mealtime, creating a birthday nature table or preparing a farewell ritual for a beloved family pet.

Family and childrens’ ceremonies are especially close to my heart, as they nourish both our children now, and the next generations to come. Through family ceremonies, children learn that deep comfort and joy can come from sacred time.

Abegael is currently an instructor in Family and Children’s Ceremonies with the Celebrant Foundation.

Abegael has been a family friend for many years, so it only felt right to have her lead our 8 month old sons blessing ceremony. Abegael was a delight to work with. She had so many ideas and a beautiful sense of what could make the most memorable and heart warming ceremony. It was a wonderful way to officially welcome our son into the world. The day was everything we wanted it to be and more. Thank you Abegael for giving us a one-of-a-kind ceremony that we will never forget.
Erin, Boyd and Hunter Simmerling