Ceremony Description

House Blessings

“Home is where your story begins.”
Annie Danielson

We can see our house as a structure, or recognize it as a place of heart and soul.
How many ways are our lives supported by our home, whether we have lived there for decades or whether it is a temporary shelter?
One of the things that makes a house a home, that converts it from walls and pipes and wiring, is the inclusion of family and friends.
It is in the shelter of each other that people live.
Irish Proverb

Leaving a house can be traumatic, especially after many years. Telling the story of the house can be important in the farewell process.

There are many rituals to help us to say goodbye to a beloved home, or to ensoul a new one. In a house blessing, smudging can cleanse the space, and open it to new possibilities. Sage for healing prosperity; rosemary for clarity; cedar for purifying; and lavender for balance.

Perhaps moving out of a place we have lived in for a long time into a new, different place is like listening to a different piece of music. We’re not sure if we will warm to it. It has a different melody and tempo; we’re used to classical and maybe it’s jazz.

We tend to carry our house with us, emotionally, on our back, like a giant snail. Perhaps it’s the idea of house, or our longing for the perfect one.

Sometimes an elderly person resists moving out of their longtime home into a seniors residence, then is surprised by a renewed feeling for life, engaged in a lively community environment and not alone any longer..

“On Moving
We toast to new things and to glorious change.
To change ourselves and to change our world.
To know the need for it.
To deal with the pain of it.
To feel the joy of it.
To undertake the journey without
understanding the destination.
The art of gentle revolution.”
Michael Leunig