Ceremony Description


“The tender words we speak to one another
are stored in the secret heart of heaven.
And one day like rain they will fall,
And our Mystery will grow green
over all the Earth.”
~ Rumi

It has often been remarked that there is nothing sacred left in the world.
Yet, there is one gesture, above all others, which remains so sacred, that nothing can be created without it: the commitment of one person to another.

The highest vow is to love, protect and honour another in the relationship of marriage.
A whole, new, shining world is created through the speaking of ‘I do’. Has this not been so since the beginning of time?

The commitment is sacred, and the moment opens to mystery. Then, every vow of marriage made since the beginning of time is re-enlivened within this new and radiant commitment.

In a wedding ceremony which is prepared and well-shaped to reflect the soul commitment of the new couple, the genius of their love arises. Everyone present is touched by it, forever.

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love. That is the soul of genius!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What is the genius of your relationship? It had its beginning in your first moments of attraction, and deepened as your love story grew; it includes your caring and open appreciation, expressiveness and deep listening, what you love in the world and how you love it. Your genius is fulfilled in your work together in the world, in the ways in which your commitment will reshape and ensoul life around you. That’s all part of the deep genius of your togetherness, and of course it is unique to the two of you. It will be clear to others in the way you create your wedding, and marriage, and share it with them. That is why the story of your love is so profoundly a part of your wedding.

Ensure that the genius of your love resonates at the very center of your ceremony.

As a bride, spirituality without religion was the most important aspect I was hoping for; Abegael was able to create this, taking our hopes and wishes and making them a reality. Even with 150 guests, it was intimate and personal, allowing silence and a true essence of what a sacred marriage represents.
J and V Gjonaj, North Vancouver
Having already had a small registry office wedding in Britain, my husband and I wanted an intimate gathering for our family and close friends here in BC. Abegael created the perfect community wedding with great insight and understanding of our wishes, and the wishes of my adult children as well. The result was a beautifully crafted ceremony that made us feel, as my husband said, “more married than after the legal wedding in England”.  
L and G Metcalfe, Victoria