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Are you curious about ceremony?

Maybe you’re questioning the relevance of traditional practices to mark big life events. Or seeking innovative and creative ways to celebrate your wedding, your elder’s memorial. Or moving away from the family home after 35 years…

So am I.    

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I am deeply curious about the power of the word and the alchemy of ritual. I strive for inspiration, language and elements to shape a ceremony so transformative and so individual that it is truly yours and yours alone.

It is my privilege to serve you in this way.

Together, we can shape a new form of ceremony.

This is the art of possibility which is woven so deeply into my commitment to you.

Welcome to Life Threads Ceremonies, offering professional celebrancy services and creative resources for an expressive life.

Each ceremony is originally crafted and skillfully presented.

What important event is about to happen in your life? How could it be enhanced, deepened or healed with a ceremony? Celebrate your life’s achievements? Welcome your adopted child? Launch a new business?

Time passes. It is your time, and it is precious. Transform it through ceremony.

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