End of Life Threads Ceremonies

Celebrations of lives lived well

“All rituals on earth are healing gestures.
They are symbolic performances which heal psychic wounds and help us make the great transitions in life.”

– Marie- Louise von Franz, The Way of the Dream

Approaches to Ceremonies of Passing

Illness, dying and death are not easy to walk with. They can present the biggest spiritual challenges that many of us will face. In our confusion and deep grief, we need others to stay with us. I offer two paths of support and healing.

As a Funeral Celebrant, I create meaningful ceremonies that reflect your unique spiritual values, and bring renewal through inspired language, ritual, nature and love.

As a Death Doula, I offer companionship on the path of life and death, helping you, your family and friends to find a way through difficult times.

Why Death Doula? As a Funeral celebrant for the past 12 years, it was heartbreaking to see families struggle with important decisions at the very time of their beloved’s death. Though I knew they really needed to simply let go of everything and grieve, arrangements had to be made, often, within minutes. Conversations had to happen, phone calls made, vehicles organized. What to do now, tomorrow, after death? Who can we rely on? How will it all happen?

Inspired by meeting the remarkable visionary Tarron Estes of Conscious Dying Institute in 2016, I signed on for her 2017 Death Doula training in Vancouver. www.consciousdyinginstitute.org   

It was life-changing. Not only did I meet my own death in imaginative ritual, but those of my beloveds, and those still to come.

Now, as a Certified Death Doula, I have more to offer you and your families by way of supportive and preparatory services before death.

In this service, I am joined by skilled colleagues, all affiliated with the Conscious Dying Institute.  Find us here.

We support each other’s work in the community, deepen our practices, and offer complementary therapies and healing rituals.

When you choose to work with any one of us, you are also being carried by a compassionate circle of trained Death Doulas who are committed to this path as their heart’s work.

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