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Ceremonies for Celebrating Lives

What is a Celebrant?

Celebrants are well trained, certified professionals able to create and perform high quality personal ceremonies for individuals, families and organizations.

These days, fewer people attend a local parish where the priest performs all sacraments of daily life. Today, more of us are seeking spiritual insight over religious tradition.

A renaissance in humanity is arising, and celebrants are prepared to shape the most meaningful ceremonies for modern creative thinkers.

As a profession, celebrancy is still in its infancy. It all began down under, in Australia, 40 years ago, when a progressive government created a legal category for non-denominational officiants to perform weddings and funerals for a highly individualistic population, scattered far and wide in a largely rural continent. Today there are 10,000 celebrants in Australia and New Zealand, and together they have performed over a million ceremonies since 1974.

The gold standard in celebrancy training in North America has been set by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in Montclair, New Jersey. www.celebrantinsitute.org Training takes the better part of a year, with an emphasis on cultural traditions, ceremony design and ritual development.

Today there are about 700 Life Cycle Celebrants in the USA, 80 celebrants in Canada, and 40 in BC. Click here to read more about celebrancy, and to meet some of my remarkable colleagues.

About Me

Abegael Fisher-Lang

Where I grew up on a windy Maritime coast, ‘hatchin, matchin and dispachin’ were the big life changes. Birth, marriage and death. The joy of those events wove something mysterious and durable within me as a young child. The words, the rituals, the coloured church windows, the music. Now I live on the windy Pacific coast. The path of my life have lead me to this remarkable profession. Passionate about the creative imagination that brings us together. Committed to crafting bespoke ceremony to celebrate your life. Thrilled to welcome you here.

As a longtime storyteller with Mythopoetica Storytelling I have always longed for that deep space between story, teller and listener. Ordinary concerns fall away, and the story experience inspires us to new imaginative thinking.

Throughout my decades as a Waldorf educator, I experienced the power of imagination in education. Working with the expressive arts to celebrate the cycles of the year. Creating nature tables to honour the changing seasons with the elements, colour, and beauty. Telling a new story each day from world culture. Honouring each birthday and class event with an original poem, a ritual, a play.

In my own large, extended & blended family, mealtime blessings spoken in Cree, Spanish, Somali, Blackfoot, Farsi, Norwegian or Slovakian has shaped new community. As my own special needs son took his time to develop, it taught me to have faith and celebrate the joy of each new step.

I have lived on the wild West Coast for most of my life now, in the heritage house lived in for 65 years by the first BC mountaineer Phyllis Munday. She was a real outdoorswoman and trailblazer. There’s a resonance of her here still: in the stands of yew, hazel and laurel she planted in the 30’s, in the attic (where Im sure I still hear her from time to time), and in the stories of the elderly neighbours who still remember her.

Often I wonder how my life as a celebrant and storyteller can reflect her own wild and adventurous life in any way. Is completing a ceremony like the first ascent of a north shore mountain?

A lifetime of studying philosophy and world religions; learning and retelling the myths of many cultures with the Vancouver Society of Storytelling Epic Weekends; and experiencing many different spiritual practices has fostered my enduring love for ritual and the language of spirit: the true elements of ceremony.

As certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, mythopoetic storyteller and ordained non-denominational minister, I am committed to you, your creative choices, and your ceremony.

We have the power of imagination with us…every step of the way. Lucky us.

Article published in North Shore News – Feb 2019

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How I Work

We choose a date for an hour-long consultation. Of course this is a free, no-obligation session.. We learn a little more about each other, discuss the inner shaping of your ceremony, and share thoughts and possibilities. I take a lot of notes.

At the end of that consultation, we will know if we are a good fit to work together on your ceremony. I will apprise you of my fee, and what it would cover:

  • unlimited consultations until the day of the ceremony,
  • writing and rewriting the ceremonial script until it suits you,
  • advising on all elements of language, ritual, symbols,
  • creating and preparing the ceremonial space,
  • meeting with all participants of the ceremony and supporting their preparations,
  • arranging a rehearsal if necessary,
  • arriving up to two hours early on the day of the ceremony to fully support you,
  • providing a professional portable microphone and sound system,
  • prepared with a ceremony emergency kit (pins to pills to protein bars!),
  • coordinating with your professionals: photographer, caterer, planner, musicians,
  • presiding at the ceremony,
  • completing all legal paperwork, and providing a certificate, and
  • creating a beautiful keepsake copy of the ceremony

When you choose to work together, 50% deposit is due to secure your chosen date. You immediately receive files of materials, and we begin to work together. We’re in cahoots, we’re on our way!

I begin Draft 1 of your ceremony, often in a shared Google doc, and forward it for your approval. It may travel between us many times as we work together to shape your ceremony.

Whether we have a few weeks, six months or a year to create your ceremony, I am completely available to you to answer questions, advise, reflect, troubleshoot, and share your joys and struggles until your ceremonial script is complete, and fully approved by you.

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